I believe each course should have goals and objectives that students must achieve in the knowledge of the subject matter to successfully complete the course.

I also believe that a college education is not limited to the mastery of subject matter. Each class should contribute to the development other skills, abilities, and character traits. A mastery of skills like time management and decision making, as well as the development of self discipline and responsibility are an essential part of the education experience.

I believe that the student is ultimately responsible for successfully completing the course by meeting the goals and objectives. I am responsible for guiding and directing the students in their studies of the subject and facilitating their assimilation of the subject matter. I am also responsible for evaluating student performance and providing feedback to the student periodically.

I am aware that students have other interest and commitments outside of the classroom. I will make reasonable accommodations for outside demands on studentsí time when I am satisfied that a real need exists and course standards can still be met.

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